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Please oh please tell me one of you knows how to do boolean fucntions!
Today put me in one of those moods.

Let me start this off by saying I’m not suicidal AT ALL. I guess I just felt so alone today. I wish I could just gather all the people I enjoy and love all onto an island and we can just live together and watch anime and play video games and do all the things we enjoy. This sounds like whining. But its okay to dream though. I walked back from class today. Normally I listen to music or podcasts to take my mind off the walk, but today my mind was blank. I thought to myself “I must look like I have cold dead eyes and a cold dead expression”. For the rest of the walk I kept repeating that phrase in my head. “Cold dead eyes and a cold dead expression”. the reason I don’t snap is because while at present the things that make me happy aren’t around me I know they exist and I know at some point I will see them again and I’ll be happy. But in the meantime all I can do is brood. but happiness takes time. At least I’m not alone. 

I’m in a mood where I just need love right now. Romantic or platonic. I just want love.
Share more feelings with me!!!!
Don't worry me too. Anyway goodnight "sis" XD. It's about 5:20am and I need sleep *kisses your forehead* x3

….good night……also noooo noooo I’m not a “sis”……*good night hug* 

Me too, especially when I'm stoned. I tend to be magnified to my guitar lol. And if my parents catch me in this dress >.> I better take it off lol

I like getting stoned to but sometimes I wonder if I do it just so I don’t have to pay attention to my life for a few hours…

No should ever feel so alone Im like McDonald's I love to see you smile but I mean it and im not trying to sell you hamburgers XD

Well thanks for the empathy :) 

There's only like half the earth separating us. And thanks to the internet we could talk from Pluto if we wanted (even though I think that ain't possible yet) but I can be that kinda weird too :3 I don't have 150+ xbox, xbox 360, play station, play station 2, PC, DS, Gameboy and NES games for nothing. XD

psssh. I have 94 steam games alone. 50 ps3 games. 50 ps2 games and 20 pc games in their original boxes. Probalby another 20 handheld games and I’m not even counting the games I’ve also torrented…….geez I’d say I have a problem but I never have the attention span to have a gaming session last longer than 4 hours. 

You could always be weird with me... I am plenty weird. Hell, I might even be in a dress as we speak.

Well….I;m not that kind of weird…..not that theres anything wrong with that. I meant it more like a super nerd who likes to talk about sex and video games compared to jocks who want to get drunk and play COD. Also I’m in america and you’re in australia sooooo. 

Damn I feel that it makes you feel alone abandon unwanted terrible feeling



My girlfriend is the only reason I haven’t just gone into depression. 

Lucky *sigh* I hope you feel better I try not to bug you by posting too much but i mean it I hope you feel better

The fact that you cared enough to talk to me makes me feel better :)